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    About us

    Guangdong Overseas Chinese High School, directly subordinated to Guangzhou Education Bureau, is a national model high school in Guangdong Province.

    Formerly known as Wuyi Overseas Chinese High School, it was founded in 1946 by local patriotic overseas Chinese from Taishan,Xinhui, Kaiping and Enping, who raised fund and selected location in original Taishan Guild Hall ( the present school library). With a time-honoured history of over 100 years, the school enjoys a great fame both at home and abroad.

    Guangdong Overseas Chinese High School is the only six-year secondary school which is authorized as one of the “International Communication and Cooperation Bases in Elementary Education” and the “Chinese Language Education Bases” in Guangzhou. And it is also the only secondary school entitled “Overseas” in Guangzhou. A new campus located in Jinshazhou will be completed and put into operation next year.

    School gate in the 1950s

    Old-fashioned library

    Jinshazhou Campus